Low Self

Low Self-Esteem – Find out if you or your friend suffers from this!

Sometimes it’s tough to answer if you really suffer from Low Self Esteem. You never realize the way you behave with people and situation around unless someone comes up and talks to you about it. Some of are never satisfied with what they have achieved. It’s good to say this if you use it to push your self forward. But some cannot accept and enjoy success because they believe they don’t deserve it. Similarly they blame everything on themselves when they fail. Some blame luck, society and other people and make it look as though everything and everyone is against them.

A person with low self-esteem never enjoys his/her life the way he/she ideally would want to. They sit and brood about failures and look down upon themselves. When faced with competition, they surrender. They don’t have self belief. They don’t trust their skills and talents. They find it hard to deal with competition and the world at large. They shy away from public and social affairs. Sometimes they find it difficult to strike a simple conversation with thousands of negative thoughts running in their mind. They find pleasure in telling themselves that no matter how much they try, they’d never achieve something, so why try? Every second and every minute they virtually dig a hole in their mind with their negative thoughts. They thus look for avenues to release frustration.

Being so complex in the mind, they don’t make friends easily. With negative thought lurking in the mind, they spread similar negativity around them. Thus people around find it hard to trust and like them. For those who would genuinely want to help, fall flat on their face. These individuals then end up getting addicted to drugs, alcohol and in extreme cause commit crimes like theft, rape and murder. They find these as easy ways to release the unbelievable pressure they put on themselves.

If your showing signs of displeasure even when you are succeeding regularly, or find your self brooding over past events, you may just be having low self esteem. You don’t care much about yourself and from the time you get up from the bed and back at night you have negative thoughts running your mind. If you notice these feelings within you or with your friends, seek help immediately. Find a friend, family member or a psychologist who can help you or your friend find peace. You or your friend is going to live this ONE life, make it joyful and engaging. Every individual has some ability, talent or foresight. Find your interests and work towards it. You are sure to succeed and when you do, sit back and enjoy the fruits of success.