Make This World A Better Place

How To Make This World A Better Place



Consider these facts:  


If you have food, clothes, and a home, you are richer than 75% of the people in the world. If you have some money in the bank, you are among the top 80% of the world’s wealthy.  If you woke up healthy this morning, you are more blessed than the 1 million people who will not survive this week.  


The statistics are alarming; but understand that we can do something about this. We can do our part by showing interest in other people. Showing interest in people makes them feel important, regardless of social status, race, religion, or level of education. Everyone is important.


We can make them feel important by praising their efforts and doing good things to them. Consider some of the following people who need to feel important:


People who live in poverty. They may or may not have chosen to live this way. Just the same, they need the attention of caring people to give meaning to their lives and make them feel important.


This is not to say that we encourage them to become mendicants. We can encourage them to engage in livelihood activities and teach them to become self-sustaining and productive members of society. When we encounter a destitute, somehow we are able to appreciate our current situation when compared to their plight. We feel blessed with the things we own and have.


Employees who provide services that you normally take for granted. Janitors, messengers, elevator attendants, house cleaners, errand boys, just to name a few, belong to this group. At times, they are taken for granted; but their presence make our lives more comfortable and less stressful.


Without them, work at home and in the office would not run smoothly as anticipated. They deserve the attention and praise for doing their work diligently. There may even be instances when they perform tasks beyond the scope of their duties and responsibilities.


Parents, grandparents, and senior citizens living with us. They deserve respect and are thirsting for attention since we hardly notice their presence. It is understandable that we are busy at work and at the end of the day, we feel tired and beat. Surely, a few minutes with them can do wonders to lift their spirit and subsequently improve their health. If they are not living with us, a regular visit will do wonders for their sagging spirits.


Street children. They sleep at night on cold pavements with newspapers as blankets over them. If it rains, who knows where they will go next. If they have food to eat, they are thankful. If not, they are thankful just the same.


We can show some concern by donating to charitable institutions that aim to give street children a better life.


Our own children.  Due to pressures at work, we neglect our own children. We hardly notice even if they keep on tugging at our clothes just to attract our attention. Upon arrival, our child rushes to show his art painting which we are too tired to look at.


No matter how busy we are, spending some time with our own children is essential. Who knows? We might discover hidden talents waiting to be developed.  


Spouse and loved ones. They remember anniversaries and all significant days to be celebrated. They care enough to remind us of our daily needs like lunch packs and vitamin supplements.


We must let them feel that we love them and care for them just the same.


These people are all around and we often take them for granted. At times, we forget to accord them the right attention. Let us make them feel important and be part of the effort to make our world a better place for all of us.