Make Your First Impression the Best Impression

Make Your First Impression the Best Impression



The first 10 to 20seconds are crucial in creating the best fist impression in your first meeting.  People observe you from head to toe. They study your physical personality, demeanor, mannerisms, body language, your style or fashion, etc. It is therefore vital for you to make the best impression. Because once the impression is made, it is mostly irreversible. If you have made a good one, it is good; but if you have not, the damage is done. You may interest some and disappoint others.  Most of us wish to make the best impression in others whether the meeting is personal or professional.


How do people assess you the first time they see you?

You are always appraised in initial business and social environments. When they see you for the first time, people notice your dress, your shoes, handbag and hairstyle, your body language, your mannerisms, etc. Certain elements contribute to making your first impression. They are: Physical appearance, body language, verbal communication and how well you perceive other people.  Here are a few tips to make the best impression:


Physical appearance 

  • Try your best to look attractive


  • Dress appropriately for the situation and profession


  • Look poised


  • Look economically well off in terms of time and money


  • Choose a proper hairstyle or haircut


  • Dress well


  • If you are a woman, your hair should be worn away from your face and heels would make you look taller and slimmer


  • Accessories such as watch, jewelry and handbags or briefcases should highlight your style along with elegance and quality.


Body language

  • Enter a room with confidence and smile


  • Maintain a good posture


  • Make good eye contact with people you meet and hold it for a few seconds to create a warm connection


  • Let your handshake be firm


  • Maintain a distance of one-arm’s length between you and the other person while talking


  • Do not wear heavy scented colognes or Deos


  • Keep your breath fresh.


Verbal communication

  • Remember names when new introductions are made. This is very important especially in business circles


  • be confident when you converse or while giving out your personal, business details


  • be sensitive about what topics you choose for small talk.


Perceiving others

Study the other person and try to learn his personality as soon as you could. You could exchange simple information that helps you to understand the energy levels and compatibility between the two of you.


In conclusion, your mastery in presenting yourself in appropriate style, your efficient communication and elegant body language and your sensitivity to others are the key elements that win over others with the best impression.