Make Your Persuasion More Potent

Four Powerful Techniques To Make Your Persuasion More Potent



Let me start with a story…


Every afternoon, I pass by a business along the way. The sign announces that the shop fixes flat tires of automobiles. Business was rather slow for this shop. Therefore, the owner devised a dubious scheme to make a fast buck.


A couple of hundred feet before reaching the shop, he would scatter nails on the road so that tires would blow up. Sure enough, business became brisk. He even had to hire additional help to keep up with the demands of customers. The brisk business did not last long though, as motorists became wary and suspicious.


Without uttering nice words and without advertising, this guy was able to coerce unsuspecting customers to patronize his business. The idea may be illustrious, but still illicit, so the business took an ill-fated end.


Persuasion works best when the motives of the persuader play second fiddle to the needs of the customers. As a salesperson, you can be more potent in your persuasion skills through these techniques:


Technique #1

Most successful salespersons share one secret: genuine concern for their customers. This shows in their actions and words. Great salespersons know that small doses of care and concern directed towards the customer will yield positive results in the long term.


This should not be interpreted as catering to the whims of your customers. You will know when a customer is just using or abusing your kindness. A customer who wants to maintain good relationship with his supplier would not abuse the latter. An occasional favor does not constitute abuse. You will know the difference between customers worth keeping from those worth disregarding.


Technique #2

Do your best to make your customer feel smart. Although you have the advantage of having thorough knowledge about the product, you may or may not necessarily be smarter than your customer. Your job as a salesperson is not to show how smart you are, but to lead your customers to make smart choices.


Technique #3

Be agreeable. A customer may point out things that favor your competitor’s product compared to yours. Be ready to agree with him. By doing so, you have made your customer feel smart. You have diffused the defensive stance that is expected by your customer. Disagreeing usually leads to argumentative issues (a no-no for building a good relationship!).


Good points of your competitor’s product do not mean that your product is inferior to theirs. For all you know, you may have similar products. You may need to exert extra effort in letting your customer know of your product’s additional values.


Technique #4

It may be worthwhile to note your customer’s preferences. You will know whom to call whenever new items are introduced in the market. Keep them informed of developments that are related to their needs and interests. This is a sure-fire way to make your customers feel special.


There you have it! You have in your possession four powerful techniques that will make your persuasive skills more potent.