Master Your Mind

Master Your Mind



Do you recognize these?

- love- joy- peace- patience- kindness- goodness- faithfulness- gentleness- self-control

It’s right out of the Good Book – the Bible. These are called Fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22&23).

These are some of the most potent characteristics of people who live a life a success. One of these fruits is harder than the others for many people. Which one is the hardest for you?

For most people mastering the trait of self-control will solve life’s potential problems. With self control, life will not hold as many problems as before. Think about it.

If you have self-control you can pretty much live a life of direction, organization and power. You wouldn’t be swayed due to your decision to practice self-control.

Also, when you master self-control, many of the other fruits will fall in line behind self-control. If you have the power to make decisions through self-control, you will have the self-control to decide the goodness, kindness, love, faithfulness, patience, etc.

Self-control all starts with your decisions. Master your mind and you can master your decisions. It’s about mastering and not being mastered. Not until you can become your mind’s master will you truly know and understand real success, real wealth, real happiness and real life.

How do you master your mind?Below are some ideas and guidelines that you may want to consider when you set out to achieve ultimate self-control.

ONE: Think for yourself.We all know within us both on a conscious and subconscious level what is right for us and what does not agree with who we really are.

But how many times have you agreed with a principle you didn’t believe or accompanied a group to a place you didn’t necessarily like.   

Shakespeare said it best when he said, “To thine own self be true.” If you don’t respect yourself enough to stand up for your convictions, should others respect you? I don’t think so. Think for yourself.

TWO: Build your mind muscle.Use your brain. This goes along with thinking for yourself but it’s on a different level.  

We all have areas of interest or avenues we’d like to pursue. Self-control will empower you to get to the places and participate in the events and talk to the people that will help you achieve your interest and goals.

How many people do you know who have expressed interest in something or a desire that they wish they had more money? If you are breathing, I bet you can think of a time within the past week someone has mentioned something to this effect. Was it you?

THREE: Create consistent action toward your objective. If you never start toward your destination, you’ll be in the same place next month that you are today. Seems elementary, but self-control is not easily attained for most people.

When you create consistent action toward your objective you will be closer to achieving it each day – no matter how small the steps you are taking. In 6 months, how many steps closer will you be to your objective than you were when you started? It’s doable. Just start making consistent steps.

FOUR: Don’t give up. Giving up is usually a product of obstacles and frustration. With self-control you have already made your decision about how to deal with your frustrations and trials. When they come, how will you react?  

Will you take the necessary steps to solve the problem(s) or will you allow the problems take the necessary steps to dissolve your success? Self-control is the greatest tool for success.

Master your mind. Master your moment. Master your motivation. Master your life.