Essential Conditions to a Sharp Memory



Do you constantly misplace significant things such as your car keys? Do you often forget important dates like birthdays and anniversaries, thereby negatively affecting your relationships with loved ones? If so, don’t panic.


Many people are experiencing memory problems, regardless of age, sex, or stature. So don’t think only aging people can experience forgetfulness, because everyone can encounter memory loss from time to time.  


If you want to have a sharper memory, you will find these conditions indispensable:


  • You must be able to focus well and be attentive. If you get distracted easily by things around you, then it will take you longer to memorize and remember things. Try to find a quiet room and concentrate on what you are reading, learning, or observing.


  • You must be interested in what you want to remember or memorize. Let’s say you love to study Psychology more than any other subjects in the world. Do you think you would remember your lessons in Psychology more than your studies in Math, Literature, and other subjects? You bet. By becoming more interested in the subject matter, you are also giving more attention to it; thereby this increases your chances of retrieving it from your memory anytime you wish.


  • You must have the imagination of a child. Be creative. Many memory techniques require the practitioner to think of the most outrageous and exaggerated images/pictures in order to remember certain facts or information. The funnier and more out-of-this-world the images, the better chances you will retain data in your mind.  


  • You must have a healthy lifestyle. Eat less fat and consume more foods rich in vitamins and minerals (especially beta-carotene), drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, engage in cardiovascular exercises, relax and be happy always. By doing these, your mind will benefit as much as your body.