Midlife Transition Make It A Positive Experience

Midlife Transition – Make It A Positive Experience



Midlife is a normal developmental stage in everyone’s life. It may involve experiences of loss, change and letting go of much of what you bring into midlife.  But you may also experience excitement and freedom from the past.  If you prepare yourself you could complete this journey with a minimal amount of struggle.


How do we create successful midlife transition?


You could create a successful midlife transition through mindfulness and planning. Life coaches who help with midlife transition say that if you focus on living consciously you would find your path and fulfillment in this journey.


For many women ‘midlife’ means a period of loss of looks and reproductive capacity, weakness or loss of physical strength, lowered economic status, decreased social network and insecurity.


For today’s women midlife is not a crisis anymore but an adventure. This is the trend of today’s midlife women.


Midlife women today are happy to explore their self. They look for ways to reconnect to their real self, pursue their passions and live the life they would like to. If you are at this stage in your life, you could explore your inner self. You could search for you hidden talents and deep desires. This exploration requires your personal time and attention.


There are various tools available today that could help you to observe yourself. These are - tuning into your inner self, meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, writing a personal journal, etc. These techniques enable you in getting to know you at a deeper level. Here are a few tips to help you start on your journey:


Take an inventory - Start with taking an inventory of what fulfilled you in the past, what were your disappointments, your sorrows and joys, skills and talents, etc. Make a list of those unfinished tasks that you had in mind before you got busier with other things in life such as marriage, kids, etc. after you uncover or discover the new you, you could make a list of your new wishes and desires or goals.


Journaling - Journaling is a powerful and popular tool. It is the act of expressing your deepest, truest feelings and thoughts in writing. When you write from the deepest heart it unveils the real you.  But you should write only the truth.  The act of writing opens up to your inner wisdom, which might serve as a source of inspiration. Some say that journaling is like cleaning your closet while opening you to a treasured wisdom.


Meditating - Meditating is another tool that leads you to inner wisdom. Meditating is the act of silencing your mind to delve deeper into your mind. Meditation leads to self-awareness of who you are and what you are.  


Letting go of the past - Letting go of the past is freeing you from unwanted thoughts, unresolved issues, wounds and hurts. When you realize how limiting beliefs had created some of these issues, you change your beliefs. You feel like a new person once you let go of the past, you are free.


Your journey is smooth when you just keep in mind that this transition is a normal stage in your life cycle and remember you are not alone.