Million Dollar Mentor

Million Dollar Mentor



There is one way – a way that is faster – a way that is more helpful – a way that is less lonely – to become successful than the trial and error way. That way is to simply adopt a mentor.


For those who may be asking, “But what if I can’t find a mentor that will agree to mentor me?”


Well, here’s a little secret.


Your mentor doesn’t even have to know. That’s right. It’s possible to have a mentor without ever even meeting him/her. This will require a little more attention to details of your mentor’s life. This is called an informal mentor. But even though it’s informal, it can be very powerful.


Of course, if you can find a mentor that will ‘take you under his/her wing’ that’s great too!


But it’s not 100% necessary.


Here are a few things you will want to look for when choosing a mentor for yourself.


  • Trust. After meeting or researching your mentor, you must decide if you can trust this person. If you can, you’ll want to move on to the next step in the selection process.


  • Respect. Once you’ve decided on your mentor, there must be a mutual respect between the two of you (this is for the one-on-one mentorship). If your mentor ends up not respecting you, or if you don’t respect him/her, then the relationship is over. This is not usually a problem. It doesn’t happen often.


  • Drive. Make sure your mentor has a drive to see that you succeed. You should know this after about 3 meetings. For those who are choosing an informal mentor, your research will reveal the drive. But chances are you’re not going to choose someone who isn’t successful. That person probably wouldn’t be successful unless they have drive.


  • Direction. Your mentor should show you direction, either by telling you or by his/her actions. Your mentor will make suggestions, give examples and offer constructive criticism. This information can cut years off learning something vital to business and/or life. It is imperative to take the information into consideration. It could change your life.


There are two things that are important to note when speaking about mentors:


  • When choosing an informal mentor, you want to get your hands on everything that your chosen mentor has written or recorded. This way, you will get to know him/her as well as possible. That will help you determine how your mentor would make decisions and will help you succeed faster.


  • Another little secret about choosing mentors is you don’t have to limit it to one. That’s right! You can have more than one mentor. It may be a good idea to have more than one just from having a different perspective in any particular situation.


Now, start your list. Who will be your mentor(s)?