Mind Mapping An Example How to Guide

Mind Mapping: An Example How-to Guide



Mind mapping is a breakthrough concept wherein you will use the properties of association to come up with a drawing, map, or illustration of the ideas lodged in your brain about a particular topic.


Sounds confusing? Actually, mind mapping is a lot easier than what you think. This is because this technique or concept follows the natural workings of the brain – which associates one word with another word to have a clear picture of the overall idea.


For example, if you say technology, there are several things that will instantly come to your mind. This central theme can branch out to the Internet, gadgets, mobile devices, telecommunications – the list is practically endless. Thus, mind mapping will give you more leeway when it comes to freedom of expression in the sense that one keyword is not just limited to one sub-topic, but it can branch out to several sub-topics. This will help you easily remember and understand the main concept which is represented by one word.


To have a deeper understanding of the process of mind mapping, take a look at the following example and how-to guide:


  • On a piece of paper, write down the central idea or the main theme of the topic that you want to tackle. Enclose it in a box or circle.


  • From this main word, what other words can you associate with it? Take the aforementioned example which is technology. How many branches of technology are there? From the circle of box that you have drawn in the middle of the paper, draw branches or curved arrows surrounding the main theme and connect them all together.


  • If you can think of other sub-topics under the branches of technology, place another batch of boxes or circles to represent these sub-topics.


  • Let all your ideas branch out until you are satisfied with the results and you have exhausted all the possibilities.


The resulting illustration will be the result of your mind mapping. Now, isn't this easier than making copious and detailed notes about the branches of technology and all the other sub-topics under it.


You will surely remember this map by heart because you are the one who made it – which is a plus factor, aside from the fact that visual maps are easier to remember than attempting to memorize pages of lists.


There are also mind mapping software available for you, since a lot of people find the process so useful and time-saving. No matter which method of mind mapping you choose, be it using a mind mapping software or through the traditional pen and paper – the important thing is that you can enjoy the benefits of living up to your brain's potential by making use of this ingenious mind mapping technique.