Bonus Learning



These  Tools could be the most  important and  challenging  documents that you will ever read!


nevilleDownload one of the  greatest  works, explaining  Who God IS and Where Is God.   Teaches the correct way to  pray and what does not work and is wasting your time. Neville Goddard’s


At Your Command.pdf

The Power Within You.MP3
Neville On Power.MP3
Self Talk Creates Reality.MP3

rev-ikeDo you remember  Reverend  Ike?   Listen to his  lesson and what he thinks of Neville Goddard.  Rev Ike says the Greatest  books are the Holy Bible and Neville Goddard’s Resurrection

Reverend Ike. MP3

russel_conwellRussell Conwell’s inspiring book “Acres of Diamonds



nepoleon-hillNepolean Hill’s  “Law Of Success In Sixteen Lessons



wallymidWallace D. Wattles “The Science of Getting Rich


Other  Incredible Works   that are well worth  buying through  Kindle or Amazon are:

Neale Donald Walsh – “Conversations with God”   (all 3 books)

James Redfield – “Celestine Prophecy”


Daily 8 minute Tai Chi Workout  with Don Fiore, Building Up Your Energy