How do YOU deliberately allow your fortune that you have been accumulating in your source escrow?

Ester Hicks Dialog With Abraham

If the law of attraction is what you say, where is my stuff? Where is
it and how can I get to it?

Now let’s analyze what the dominant vibration is in the sentiment that is offered, was the vibration coming from the lack of the money or the having of the money? From a point of lack. Your thinking, of course, I  don’t have the money yet so how can I have a vibration about a state of being that I have not yet achieved , and the answer is you just have to  figure out how to feel having the money in your life! Because until you do, you can not have the state of being that you want to achieve.  You have to find, to feel, the vibrational essence of what you are lacking and it’s  logical that in the beginning of your learning, the questions of where is it? What am I doing wrong? What should I do differently? You need to feel the entrapment that your own words and attitudes have about things and the vibrations that are given off by such thought.

So your work is to find a way of distracting yourself from the absence of money while you activate within yourself a feeling of the money. So the feelings of appreciation for the prosperity of the way you are living, feeling the appreciation for the possibility of more money coming, and even if you get into an attitude of hope you will be much closer in vibration to allowing money to come to you, then when you are in the vibration of the doubt.

When you feel sarcastic, when you feel pessimistic it’s a far cry from feeling optimistic and hopeful.

So the question, “How do I let my fortune come to me and me to my fortune” is answered by pretending it’s already done, by taking pieces of the Fortune and mentally expanding its, imagining how much fun it will be to have it, to enjoy the feeling of relief even before you have the actual reason to feel the relief, by caring so much about the way you feel that you guide your thoughts apart from the reality.

So feel the difference between saying ” my money is really slow in coming, I’m starting to believe it’s in vibrational escrow for me but I can’t figure out how to let it in”, feel that sentiment, and then feel saying “it’s going to be nice when I figure this out, Its going to be nice when I figure this out” the latter lets the resistance go.

“I haven’t figured it out, I’ve been working at this a long time and I haven’t figured this out”, is totally upstream, fighting against the current, and resistant in nature. “I’m looking forward to figuring this out” releases resistance, “it will be nice when I figure this out, I have glimpses of this in my experience every day, I get it on a lot of different subjects, I’m doing pretty good on much of this, I do like knowing that there is a fortune that has been amassed for me. I do like knowing that my life experiences caused me to put some things in vibrational escrow, I do like realizing that the source within me has preceded me in its expectations of my receiving of that, I do like knowing that my negative emotion itself is my indicator that I have departed from how source sees me, I do like knowing that negative emotion is my indicator that source sees me as prosperous and in the moment of my negative emotions that I’m not.” Now your letting loose of your resistance and beginning to allow.

“I do like the idea that source can guide me to more positive feelings and I do like knowing that the negative feelings are my indicator that I am not going in the direction that source is thinking. I do like knowing that , I am pretty good at this, I am aware of the way I feel, I can tell the difference, I have noticed the correlation between what I have been thinking and  feeling and what’s manifested, and I do know that the reality shifts to match my dominant feelings.” Again continue to allow and remove resistance!

Now you do understand that thinking something in the beginning that is different from what you have been thinking, takes a little bit more focus, but you do know that when you focus a little longer it gets easier and easier. And you do know that the longer you say something then the easier it is to say it, and the more you say it the easier it is for you to expect it. And you do know that expectation brings a different feeling and you do know the difference in the feeling of hope and the feeling of doubt, you do know the difference in the feeling of excitement and the feeling of discouragement. Say ” I can do this , I know I can do this”.

Just conversations like that make all the difference in the world. That is  YOUR work! It is slow going but that’s the work. You didn’t come to your chronic resistive thoughts all at once. You came to it gradually, and your not going to shift from it all at once, your going to shift from it gradually. And if you want to shift from it all at once, your not going to be able to do it, and you’ll get discouraged, but if you expect to shift from it gradually, and you do it, then you will feel encouraged.

So one statement at a time telling the story the way you like it, the way you want it to be. So here is an example how to tell your story:

I recently heard there is a virtual fortune waiting for me in my vibrational escrow, and I like how that sounds. And the idea of my life experience and what I’m currently living is the reason that it’s there, is really thrilling to me. And I like the idea that I can be or do or have anything I want so I’m beginning to tell my story the way I want it to be, I don’t think money is the path to happiness, but I also don’t think it’s the root of all evil either I think money is a route to freedom, I think that with more money there are more choices, and the more choices there are the more fun life is.

And I like the idea of making decisions about what I want to do based on how it feels to do it rather than can I afford to do it or not.

I like the opportunities that more money opens for me and so I don’t think I’m just excited about the virtual fortune that’s waiting for me, I think I’m excited about what that means to me and my family, what that means to people around me, and what that means to the way I view life, to the way I experienced life.

It’s exciting to me to think about those kinds of changes, and I love my life in so many ways and I can see how this money that’s on its way to me can enhance my life this way and in this way and in this way and also in this way. An extra hundred dollars today would mean these changes, an extra thousand dollars today would mean these changes, if I were  allowing in an extra hundred thousand dollars this year I would do this with it, if I would allow in an extra five hundred thousand dollars every year, oh , that would mean I would live over there. And that means I would drive that other car, and that means I wouldn’t work there.

You see, just play with it in your mind. Make it a game. Love it, be grateful for it.

You must feel the vibration first within yourself and once that vibration is stable within you the realization of that vibration has to come into manifestation, it’s the law. The LAW OF ATTRACTION must bring you the path, the method, the co-creators and the results that you are conjuring vibrationally.

When you conjure prosperity in your vibrations, prosperity must come in real life experience and it will come in so many ways, it will come as you turn every corner, everywhere you look another huge evidence of prosperity will show itself to you. Just get a little more active at what you’ve got currently active, it’s not the big deal you make it out to be.

Do you know why it feels like a big deal? Because you’ve been looking at what is, offering a vibration of what is, getting more of what is, for so long, you say ” I’ve done all this effort and I’ve offered all this work, I’ve worked all these years, and with all of that I’ve only come to where I am now” and so what will this scanty little effort provide me that you are talking about, when I’ve offered all of this effort for years, and have only gotten this far”, and I say, you’ve been offering action effort and now we’re encouraging you to offer vibrational effort and vibrational effort is bringing you into the
usage of the power and energy that creates worlds.

Vibrational change makes a big manifestational change, when you are consistent in it. But when you say “I wanted, but I wanted, but I wanted, but”, you don’t make any headway. When you say “I want it because, I want it because, I want it because, I want it because”, you make headway.

When you say “I think I can do it, I believe I can do it, I doubt I can do it, I’m not really doing it, I believe I can do it I would like to do it, I doubt I can do it, I’m not really doing is, I like to do it I really like to do it but I can’t do it, because I haven’t been doing it, but I like to do it, I really want to do it, but I’m not doing it and hardly anybody does it, but I’d like to do it, but I want to do it, but it’s hard to do it, and I’m not making any headway and I want to do it but I don’t know what to do” — then nothing changes, you’re putting out the same old mundane chronic vibrational habit of the way you feel.

You have to use your willpower to focus your thoughts into a new and
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