Motivation for Mediocrity

Motivation for Mediocrity


Do we, as a society, motivate for true success? Or do we motivate just to get by? In your job, are you motivated to be above average or just to keep off the bosses "naughty list"? One more question: Why do we motivate ourselves, our employees, even our children for mediocrity?

The following are four suggestions to fly higher than mediocrity.

  • Always go farther.What ever is asked of you or whatever your responsibility is, do more than you are ever expected.


  • Share the praise.Remember, whatever success or victory you experience, you do NOT experience alone. There are others that help you get to where you strive to be. Always share the praise. That will raise you above mediocrity. Mediocrity will covet the praise and horde it like a child snatches the last piece of candy so no one else will get it.


  • Ask for more.When you do experience a victory and are pulling away from mediocrity, do not hang up your efforts. Ask for more. Or find more to do. This will set yourself apart from the mediocre crowd.


  • Treat others nice.Always remember how you would like to be treated by others. Take that thought and treat others the same way. This is also the Golden Rule. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Great rule. Live by it. It's a principle that is anything but mediocre.

Follow the above four tactics and you'll find yourself flying high above the mediocre mindset.

Just remember when you're training for a job, raising your children or preparing you mind for any task, mediocre is so average. Do you want to be just average?