Motivation What Drives You

Motivation: What Drives You?



Have you ever tried randomly asking successful people in their own field on things that motivate them? If you do, you might be overwhelmed because two entirely different people may give you the same answer – goals!


Motivation, as studied in psychology and neuropsychology, is a particular reason, perhaps a set of reasons that drives people in a particular behavior, specifically human behavior. These reasons include goals, ideals, state of being, and even basic needs such as shelter, food, and water.


Being highly motivated is one of the greatest attributes to be an effective leader. In fact, the majority of the numbers of successful leaders I know are extremely driven by great passion. It is something that vitalizes your ability to do something, something even beyond the things you are not used to doing.  It can be someone or something that has been with you all throughout your existence, or it can even be entirely something you didn’t even knew exist.


It is more than just passion running through one’s blood and circulating all over his body, it is also a philosophy that runs one of the biggest deals in the society. Despite the modern-day complexities, you still can’t deny the satisfaction and self worth you realize after having been given a commendation and highly regarded for the great efforts you have put into your work. This particular feeling of self worth animates and revitalizes each time you are praised and in time will be instilled in your mind, since motivation is a behavioral aspect that is learned.


Technically speaking, motivation is a state of mind that invigorates and somehow endows guidance and direction. It is a combination or solely a feeling of aggression, instincts, fear, and learning. Motivation is even tagged by other psychologists to be the greatest emotional battery that fuels up your every move. Plus, it is even rechargeable!


People who are enriched with motivation are most likely the one who live out to be people who are more attentive, people who can work independently, those who are willing to ask for help if needed, willing to give out help, and those who embrace challenges to better themselves. On the other hand, people who lack motivation are generally those who are always dissatisfied, who lacks competence, those who underestimates their own capabilities, those who feel negatively about their jobs, and typically those who let personal issues conflict with their goals.


Motivation is the utmost value that a good leader can ever possess. For others, this may only serve as their last resort, but for effective leaders, it is their first. Leadership is about accepting the fortunate fact that motivation comes out naturally. It is part of who you are. It is part of what you have become.


However, for those who still haven’t mastered the art of motivation, don’t fret. If you think that you have to be a leader prior to achieving the drive that motivation has, you are absolutely wrong! No matter how incompressible some circumstances can be, all you have to do is try a little bit harder and look forward for something positive out of this endeavor.